Makari is a great skin whitening brand

The cosmetics and beauty industry is constantly growing. Women of all ethnicities want to look and feel their best. Women know that having the right look will help them in the workplace and in their personal life, and they are willing to try any product to achieve the look they need. There are several popular […]

Healthy Living Steals Promotional Video And Ends Up In Federal Court

Federal Court is where Healthy Living found themselves due to a lawsuit filed by their rival in the weight loss business Nutrimost. Nutrimost, who proudly called themselves the “Ultimate Fat Loss System”, filed the lawsuit claiming Healthy Living stole a promotional video off the Nutrimost website, and put in on theirs. Weight loss company Nutrimost […]

Pittsburgh Steelers Gets Fashion Makeover

The world had been able to witness a change in the fashion line for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and fans have Susan McGalla to thank for that. She has made people take notice of the fashion line that has been created for the Steelers. The great thing about this is that McGalla has been able to […]

The Kabbalah Center Is On The Hunt For Volunteers

The Kaballah International Center is a Los Angeles-based non profit organization that offers Kaballistic teachings and study groups. Developed by the leader Philip Berg and his wife Karen, the multi-racial and ethnic center trains and mentors a worldwide community. Teachers come from all walks of life to offer the principles of Kaballah. The Kaballah International […]

A Quick Review of Emily McClure’s Article on Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

If you are considering purchasing the Wen Hair by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner product but would like to hear more about someone’s first-hand experience with the product I suggest you check out the article here on This review is one that I recently ran across that was authored by Emily McClure outlining her thoughts […]