Andy Wirth Puts California Ski Resorts On The Map

Andy Wirth is on a mission to change the way you think of California. When most people think of California they think of the beach and surfing cultures of traditional tourist spots like Huntington Beach. Wirth wants people to recognize California for its mountain resorts as well. While states like Colorado have made a reputation for themselves with popular ski resorts, California’s mountains simply don’t get the same amount of attention. As the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings he hopes to change that reputation and increase tourism to California’s mountain resorts.

His experience in tourism has drawn praise and propelled him into powerful positions. Recently Wirth was elected Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. After seeing the ability he showed in his handling of the Squaw Valley resort and his leadership of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees, it isn’t surprising that he also managed to further extend his ability to promote tourism. His efforts to increase tourism have gone beyond merely promoting tourism through advertisements. He has also worked to build new airports and improve travel to the area. Wirth’s ability to handle multiple leadership roles at once shows just how capable the CEO is.

If Andy Wirth keeps up his efforts the future of tourism in California might just shift away from it’s beaches and upwards into the mountains of the Golden State. His track record seems to prove he’s able to pull it off, but he won’t rest on his accolades. Wirth is determined to further expand Squaw Valley Ski Holdings’ success in the world of tourism. If he succeeds tourists might learn to associate the state of California with cold snowy resorts.