Bridget Scarr, What Really Fuels Her …

“Be grateful for everything you have and really appreciate those you love”- That’s more than just a mere quote by film executive, Bridget’s her mantra for life.


Bridget has worked for over 15 years in the field of advertising, television, and animation. After surviving the collapse of her first endeavor in the business world of media, this London based writer and television producer went on to try other ideas and successfully managed to use her creative genius to make profit. Bridget is currently working as the chief of the content development, strategies, and partnerships with Colibri Studios. There she utilizes her innovative techniques of virtual reality, augmented reality, and digital media, collaborating with others to put forth her striking ideas into motion. Most definitely, Bridget Scarr is no doubt a success as an innovator, businesswoman, and entrepreneur in the media business.


So, what really drives this talented thirty-something artist to do more…and reach for the stars? Well, let’s look at her style. Bridget doesn’t choose to conform, she seeks out new ideas and partners with others to achieve her goal to produce cutting edge advances in media. She is an individualist, from her Ray Ban eyewear to her ability to transform ideas into something marketable- Bridget has what it takes to be admired. And this young South African native is grounded too. Bridget never allows work to get in the way of spending time with her young son and partner at home. She regards her family as the most important part in her life. Every morning, Bridget has a light breakfast with the family before setting out to work..arriving back home in the afternoon for lunch. She enjoys taking walks with her son in the park and reading to find inspiration while relaxing in her spare time. Although, Bridget takes time to check her emails and connect with people..she delights in the fact that she isn’t addicted to her smartphone. She enjoys taking time-out of her busy schedule to meditate, which helps her re-energize herself for the next day. Meditation brings her peace and it’s something she believes wholeheartedly is one of the best methods to relax and de-stress. Relaxing alone helps Bridget to think more imaginative, which gives her a greater sense of creativity. And this pale-blonde ambitious visionary considers creativity to be her “savior”. Clinging to her values, Bridget finds that hard work brings a great satisfaction and that through it- she is making a difference.


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