Bruno Fagali: Fighting Brazils Corruption Problem

Corruption has plagued Brazil since the nation was established. There are so many corruption scandals involving the nation’s high ranking officials that shook the whole country. Despite the natural wealth that the state has and its stronger economy, more people are still living in poverty because of the unequal distribution of wealth between the officials and the public. Some people who are living in Brazil had enough, and one of them is Bruno Fagali. He wants to put an end to the culture of corruption that ravaged the Brazilian society, and he wanted to be instrumental in bringing the change that most people have been waiting for.

Bruno Fagali specializes in anti-corruption laws and electoral laws. He is also managing his law firm, called Fagali Law. Bruno Fagali has a strong passion for fighting the problem of corruption in Brazil, which is why he decided to establish the FAGALI Advocacy. His advocacy invites all of the concerned citizens of Brazil to join him in his battle to end corruption in his country. He is encouraging everyone to be vigilant and to record any corruption instances that they would witness. Through the FAGALI Advocacy, Bruno Fagali hopes that his home country would be removed from the notorious list of the most corrupt countries in the world.


One of the most popular methods that Bruno Fagali used is the departmental drive method, wherein he would visit a local government department observing the government employees and interviewing them about their jobs. He would also give out paraphernalia and speak inside the government building to remind the employees that they are working for the people, and they should always be honest. Through personally visiting the local government departments, the instances of corruption in Brazil went down. Bruno Fagali welcomed the statistics, but he emphasized that the battle is just starting.

Bruno Fagali cannot be stopped, and he is determined to fight the corruption culture in Brazil. He has also shifted his strategy and made it online, encouraging the people to criticize government officials who are involved in corruption scandals actively. He believes that the internet can be a great tool to fight corruption.

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