Adam Milstein Continues to Spearhead Pro-Israel Advocacy in the US and the Rest of the World

For some people, Adam Milstein is a prominent real estate investor, as he served Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. The company boasts of an excellent portfolio of over $2 billion. On the other hand, his philanthropic endeavors, particularly those targeting the Jewish community, have drawn considerable attention to his name. Adam Milsteinā€˜s involvement […]

The Kabbalah Center Is On The Hunt For Volunteers

The Kaballah International Center is a Los Angeles-based non profit organization that offers Kaballistic teachings and study groups. Developed by the leader Philip Berg and his wife Karen, the multi-racial and ethnic center trains and mentors a worldwide community. Teachers come from all walks of life to offer the principles of Kaballah. The Kaballah International […]