Doe Deere Dares To Make Makeup That Re-Defines What’s Pretty

One could say that Russian-born Doe Deere marches to the beat of her own drummer. That’s often said about many great business people who aren’t afraid to dream big and think outside of the box.

Lime Crime makeup is certainly not like all the others who promote beige, safe cosmetics. Doe Deere founded her makeup brand in 2008, hoping to change the beauty scenery and what society taught us as pretty.

She spoke with about her successful beauty brand and why Lime Crime features strangely stunning makeup palettes. Her answer was quite simple; Doe Deere has always been attracted to bright, strong colors. After moving to New York City, she kept looking for bold makeup to match her strong fashion sense and candy-colored hair, but she was out of luck. In a city as huge as NYC, there was a lack of bold cosmetics, and that’s when Doe Deere took action.

Today, Doe Deere is at the top of her game, proving that e-commerce can build an incredible brand and following when done right. Lime Crime’s Instagram page has become the little darling of social media, with 2.4 million fans and growing. Makeup-addicted followers send in their creative and colorful selfies, creating a huge global community of beauty inspiration.

The definition of beauty has been decided for years by the advertising executives who sell products. Women were always told that beige, boring makeup was acceptable, traditional and proper. Lime Crime begs to differ, as women go gaga over lipstick shades like Teacup Blue, Alien Green, Metallic Gold, Cement, Squash, Mushroom, Peacock and many more.

Lime Crime makeup has not only turned heads but changed minds, too. Doe Deere is enjoying how her brand is building self-esteem in both young women and men around the world. It takes some confidence to wear Lime Crime cosmetics, but that’s the self-empowerment that develops. Young people are learning to define their own standards of what is pretty, and celebrities are on board. Stars like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj both adore wearing Lime Crime makeup.

Deere likes to inspire young people to hold fast to their dreams, be fearless and create their own success. “I’ve learned that being true to myself is the only way for me to make an impact,” she says. Doe Deere enjoys engaging with her many fans on social media and thrilled they like her bold eye shadows, lipsticks and liners.

Doe Deere also gave aspiring entrepreneurs a great concept to launch:
“Can somebody please start a line that makes well-designed, cute, colorful footwear for ultra-feminine girls like me? I would buy everything!”

To see what colorful Lime Crime makeup is all about, click here.