Eric Lefkofsky Contributes Immensely towards Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky is currently one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the United Sates. Eric’s popularity has been attributed his great contributions in the health sector particularly in cancer treatment. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a technology firm that supports healthcare professionals deliver personalized cancer treatment, in 2016. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus.

Healthcare sector is now on the right path when it comes to application of electronic health records in treatment: thanks to Tempus Company. Eric and his team are working hard to support the use of patients’ health data on personalizing cancer treatment. Through Tempus’ goal on transforming cancer care delivery, the firm has developed a technology solution that helps to collect and analyze clinical and molecular data. The resulting information is then used to administer treatment.

The development of data-enabled precision medicine presented significant challenges to the company. However, Tempus was successful due to its total commitment towards filling this serious healthcare-gap. Eric Lefkofsky strongly believes that this new development brings immense contribution as far as cancer diagnosis and treatment is concerned. Doctors will now find it easy to establish which medicine and treatment approach best fits a cancer patient. This is because they have quick access to updated patient’s information thereby facilitating real-time decision making.

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric was born in 1969 in the popular Southfield, Michigan, United States. In 1991, he graduated with high honors from the University of Michigan. He earned his Juris doctor degree two years later from the University Of Michigan School Of Law. Eric Lefkofsky has spent a better part of his adult-life in Chicago.

Erick surprised many when he didn’t pursue a career in law. He began his entrepreneurial career from a humble beginning while still in college. Lefkofsky has since worked with several organizations in the US. He has co-founded several companies including Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings among others.

Unlike other entrepreneurs with total focus on profit generation, Eric Lefkofsky is a community man. Eric and his wife co-founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a charitable organization meant empower the local communities in the region. He also serves as a trustee in numerous community based organizations. Other than business, he is a reputable professor and author.