Eric lefkofsky is Hoping to Rid Us of Waste

Close to nearly 12 years ago, Eric Lefkofsky and wife had developed a foundation that is focused on supporting 4 different causes which they feel need more focus on them. One of them is education, civic causes, human rights and medical advances. In this time in age, Eric spends most of his energy focused around the medical discoveries portion.

While he acknowledges that the focus on the medical advances is not healthy, he knows that the cause is worth it. In order to better understand, Eric sets the record straight.

It All Begins With Money

In the United States, there is close to $3 trillion dollars spent each year on the cost of health care. What most don’t understand is that in many of those cases, there is close to a 1/3 of that being wasted. This means that there is close to a trillion dollars that is being wasted each year that does not actually need to be spent.

The most important part of this however is that there is always new advances being made around the presence of technology. The focus is not solely on technology but also on medicine. The main goal is to find a way to improve and manage diseases in patients.

The belief is that if you bring the data with the learning surrounding machines and the new presence with artificial intelligence, the hope is to reduce the deaths of patients overall by close to half and to cut out a large portion of the trillion dollars which is being wasted.

Did you know that in the United States, there is $640 billion dollars that is spent each year on education. The budget for education during the last two years has only risen by 3.5%. Seeing as we have been wasting a trillion dollars for nothing, the budget for education should be a bit higher than 3%. With that bit of money, the budget should raise up by close to 20% over the course of the two years.

What the bottom line is, the money that is being wasted could go to much better uses than to nothing at all or being sent to places that do not need it. The hope is to eliminate some of the debt and put the money to good use down the road.