FreedomPop Unveils $20 Unlimited Monthly Plan

About FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a Los Angeles-based wireless telephone services provider. It provides free mobile services such as voice, data, and texts. Also, it sells tablets, cell phones, and broadband for use with their wireless internet service. Stephen Stokols founded FreedomPop and currently serves as its chief executive officer. According to a financial report released in 2016, FreedomPop has grown to a worth of $ 109 million in revenue, which includes a million Series C. The official sponsors of FreedomPop are DCM Capital, Mangrove Capital, and Intel. Currently, the company uses Sprint’s network in the United States, but it has announced to expand its market in the United Kingdom on Three’s network. Early in 2016, FreedomPop launched a new initiative, Global Free Mobile data in over 25 countries across the world.

FreedomPop unveils a new service

Just recently, FreedomPop has unveiled a plan to offer unlimited text, data, and airtime for $20 monthly fee. However, the only apparent drawback with the initiative is that when you consume over 1GB, your browsing speed drops from 4G to 3G. Interestingly, free tethering using new LTE phones is inclusive of the new initiative. FreedomPop offers free but limited internet services using their wireless broadband. Also, the telephony service provider offers paid voice and text services categorized as the Unlimited Everything plan. Nonetheless, only selected areas will have access to the new FreedomPop’ services. Learn more from this FreedomPop review.

In line with its official Sprint’s 4G network, the company is also selling various LTE cell phones. The Samsung Galaxy Victory, S3, and S4 joins iPhone 5 and HCT EVO 4G as part of FreedomPop’s product-line. Apparently, all new LTE phones are automatically loaded with 500 texts, 200 voice calls, and 500GB per month. According to Steven Sesar, the chief operating officer of FreedomPop, the company can upgrade its device portfolio to high-end smartphones now that it has complete access to the leading wireless network.

FreedomPop’s customers have the choice to bring their devices to the service or buy new handsets sold by the company. Customers are free to come with various iPhones, Androids as well as Sprint-compatible devices. You may search on the internet if FreedomPop’s telephony services are available in your area and check out whether the company’s hot-spot is compatible with your device. Meanwhile, FreedomPop has unveiled a new app known as FreedomPop Free Voice and Text to be used on Androids. As the name dictates, the app allows Android users to enjoy free company’s voice and text services.

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