Greg Secker: Creator of The Virtual Trading Desk

Greg Secker is an English businessman who’s made his mark as an entrepreneur and trader. Being a serial entrepreneur, Secker has founded several companies over his storied career. Secker like many had to work his way to the top. He faced many obstacles and setbacks but never gave up. He got his start in the business with Thomas Cook Financial Services. It was here that he realized he had a natural affinity for foreign exchange and created the Virtual Trading Desk. The platform was groundbreaking and the first of its kind. It offered an online Forex trading system that acts in real-time, which at the time was unheard of.

When word got out about his new invention major players in the foreign exchange market from all over took notice of Secker. Mellon Financial Corporation really took a liking to Secker and offered him their Vice President position. With Mellon Secker was able to make important connections with experienced traders and increase his knowledge of trading. Once he felt he had learned enough he established Learn to Trade. The company has come a long way from its humble roots. It is now a global leader in trading education. He founded Learn to Trade with the goal of getting more people into trading. He realized people were very skeptical of the industry because they had no type of formal learning on the subject. That’s where Learn to Trade comes in. It provides people the knowledge they need to know to limit beginner mistakes.

Greg Secker has received much praise and accolades for his accomplishments and contributions to the industry and is very proud of himself. With that being said he is most prideful when he’s being a great father. He considers being a father the most important thing in his life without question.