Healthy Living Steals Promotional Video And Ends Up In Federal Court

Federal Court is where Healthy Living found themselves due to a lawsuit filed by their rival in the weight loss business Nutrimost. Nutrimost, who proudly called themselves the “Ultimate Fat Loss System”, filed the lawsuit claiming Healthy Living stole a promotional video off the Nutrimost website, and put in on theirs.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

The lawsuit claims Healthy living left customer testimonials from the original video and placed it on theirs, along with comments from the principal author of the program Dr. Ray Wisniewski. Dr. Wisniewski, a Pennsylvania chiropractor, practices what is called “pastoral medicine”, which is a blend of science and scriptural health wisdom.

On each video, similar if not identical claims about the weight loss program are advertised. Both programs state a person can lose 25 to 45 pounds of fat in 40 days without exercising, or feeling hungry. In addition to the weight loss claims, each video states that no harmful drugs are used in the system, there is no use of hormones, and there is no surgery required.

Healthy Living has defied a cease-and-desist order by the courts by showing a modified version of the video, only making it shorter. And, to date, the video seems to be taken off the Healthy Living website.

Nutrimost wants to go even further. It wants the courts to bar Healthy Living from ever showing the video on their website again, and it wants over $300,000 in damages for the loss of “goodwill and reputation”.

Nutrimost has a revolutionary method for weight loss. A person can lose 25 to 40 pounds of body fat in as little as 40 days. There is no exercise involved in the system, and there is no feeling of hunger.

Nutrimost, also claims there are no harmful drugs used. And, there is no hormone therapy or surgery needed.