Kate Hudson Makes Fabletics The Best Choice Out There For Workout Gear

2013 Turned out to be a promising year for actress Kate Hudson. A design company approached her with the idea of creating a line of workout gear which would help to make women feel better about themselves and to help empower women overall. Since this time, the team of people who are working for the workout gear Fabletics, has helped to make the business into a $250 million dollar business. For someone who actually wasn’t business savvy, this isn’t bad for Kate Hudson.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had the brilliant idea of coming up with a brand of athletic wear that was more than just workout gear. They wanted to create a type of gear that looked good, felt good and was endorsed by someone who believed in the brand. That is why Kate Hudson was the person to go to. She is an active person who is fit and someone that people could relate to when working out. When she was approached about doing the athletic wear, she knew she wanted to be more involved than just someone pushing for people to use it. She wanted to be involved in the whole process and remains pretty involved in the success of the company.


The company collects data from users by customers participating in the LifeStyle Quiz. This quiz helps to select outfits that fit best to the personality of the person using them. The choices that the person makes are recorded and when the quiz is over, a specific type and style is displayed for the user. The person shopping feels like a personal shopper has done all the work for them instead of them having to actually sort through the various styles and patterns for workout gear that Fabletics holds.


Kate is a big reason as to why this brand has become so successful. She is someone that people can relate to which is very important for a brand but is also someone that is athletically fit. When people are shopping for the gear, they can relate to her because she is so fit and wears the same gear that the shopper will be wearing. When she leaves home to go to the gym, she goes to the gym wearing Fabletics. She is seen wearing various styles of Fabletics and this also encourages more people to try them. There are not many celebrities out there who will put their name on something and stand behind it. In many of the cases, people who are pushing for something to be purchased, will not use the same products they are pushing. For Kate, she knew she had to be different and proves that each time you see her out wearing the same things that she is endorsing.