Kevin Seawright Balancing Business and Community

Kevin Seawright is an alumnus of the Amelda University having graduated with his masters in the accounting option. He is also a recipient of the certificate in Executive Leadership in the Notre Dame School of business. Besides his academic qualifications, he has shown an intelligent balance between business and community affairs.

He was recognized by the Notre Dame Executive Leadership program for his generous contribution to the community. He was lauded for strategizing and creating ways in which companies achieved their goals while at the same time, the individuals in the community got recognized and their lives improved. He has accomplished a feat as being the leader who has time out of his busy schedule to acts as a coach to the youth.

In 2011, Seawright started his journey in the business world as a career financial analyst and human resource expert. His first stint was working for Tito General Contractors firm as the Vice President of Operations.

He moved on in 2013 to join Maryland as the Executive Director of operations. In 2014, he accepted an offer to work with the Newark Economic Development Cooperation as the Chief Financial Officer. He has held the position to date.

His style of leadership in business is exemplary. Kevin Seawright introduced critical changes that ensured a better working environment in Human Capital divisions. The staff retentions increased, and the worker turnover significantly reduced due to issues like compensations. There was an improvement of recruitment efforts which saw a better match in skill and talent to the job description. The effects got boosted by standardization, improved company performance, and increased service delivery.

According to KTBS, Kevin seawright’s philanthropy is apparent in the unique ways he does his job. He is keen on making lives better for the individuals within the communities that he works in. His business acumen, efficiency, and team playing roles make him an outstanding manager.

His alignment to technological changes makes it easy for him to grow a business that goes in tandem with the changing times. It places him in a better bargaining power and propels him in whatever task he undertakes.

Seawright has bagged many awards for his outstanding financial acumen and responsiveness during his tenure while serving municipalities. Due to his ability to demonstrate progression through statistics and accountability standards, he received the Met life recipient of the bridges of the future award in 2010.