Labaton Sucharow Client Given an Award

Labaton Sucharow is one of the most successful law firms that are found in the US. Labaton Sucharow is very popular in the country. This happened when the company established a practice that was only dedicated to SEC whistleblowers. The practice has been quite successful, and many whistleblowers have been represented through it.

Not long ago, Labaton Sucharow management announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission team has decided to award seventeen million dollars to one of the whistleblowers represented by Labaton Sucharow attorneys. A report from the law firm says that the whistleblower was given the award for exposing some wrongdoings happening in the country’s finance department.

The report also indicates that the recent award given to the whistleblower is one of the biggest monetary awards that has ever been granted to a client since the program was started. The SEC whistleblower program was founded six years ago, and one of its primary objectives is to motivate the people who are brave enough to come out and expose any corrupt individuals and other wrongdoings taking place in the country. The program allows the whistleblowers to get around ten to thirty percent of the sanctions collected after a successful operation.

Labaton Sucharow attorneys say that their client provided high-quality information to SEC, and this led to the successful sanctions against one of the most influential players in the country’s financial service department. This was a great achievement for the whistleblower and the law firm, and it will motivate other affected parties to come out and expose any activity that seems suspicious.

Since it was founded several years ago, the SEC Whistleblower Program ensures that the whistleblowers are not known by the public. The program put in place these regulations so that the whistleblower is not blacklisted or brought into danger after a successful expose. Many people are also encouraged to speak out when they are assured of their protection.

Jordan Thomas is one of the most prominent SEC whistleblower lawyers in Labaton Sucharow. Jordan played a key role in the case, and he is happy that his client was given the huge award. According to Thomas, his client deserved the award, because he had exposed crimes in the finance industry. The department has many employees, but they had decided to remain quiet while the country was being cheated. Jordan says that the award will encourage more people in the country to come out and speak.