Merge Of Info Technologies With DIVERSANT Expands Mission

It was announced that Info Technologies has gone through a merger with DIVERSANT, Inc., to become a combined new DIVERSANT LLC. John Goullet was the Founder and CEO of a top IT staffing recruiting company, Info Technologies. DIVERSANT, Inc., was started and headed by Gene Waddy. They have moved effectively from being competitors to merging to form a more effective, enlarged IT staffing company. Goullet will remain the new company’s CEO. He has plans to grow the new company much further than either he or Waddy could have done by themselves before joining forces.

Info Technologies had already earned a top spot in Forbes’ list of Fortune 500 businesses. This is because, under Goullet’s strong leadership, his company had become worth $30 million USD, by the year 2010. His new partner had also grown his business in a similar way. Both of these great business leaders have plenty of experience in the field of corporate IT department professional job candidates. They are known throughout the tech sector as two of the best headhunters for tech, in the whole world.

Their clients have included some of the biggest corporations of the U.S. Knowing this, and the potential for exponential growth, the men decided to merge business to quickly grow their combined revenues. DIVERSANT LLC has a brand new Board of Directors guiding the merged company to greater heights. The Board includes the current CEO of Cross Country Healthcare, Steven M. Scopellite, as well as the Global CIO at Goldman Sachs, William J. Grubbs.