Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Is a Hallmark in the Lending Industry.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has been supplying the retail mortgage banking and lending industry original documents for processing since 1991. Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, the firm is recognized as one of the premier and most reliable companies in its field.


If you have ever received a mortgage loan, you are aware of the importance of your lender having access to original documents such as liens, deeds, property records and the like. Since Nationwide has access to every county in the United States, they always have access to the original copies of the documents. In the rare instance where a copy has been damaged of lost, there are alternative means of acquiring proof of a document’s existence.


Nationwide is a full processor with the ability to do it all. They handle lien releases, and they are the largest in the nation in this department. They also research assignments, final document processing, retrieval of documents, and abstract services on a nationwide basis.


The reporting capabilities are among the best that exists. They handle assignment verification reporting, which can be sent in a specific manner. They have a report on who the current owner is, lien verification reports, and a tax status report.


The detail, timeliness, and depth of the reporting is a key to the success of Nationwide and this is reflected in the expertise of the employees who deal with customers on the phone. Once a person is employed, they undergo a very intensive and complete training program. But, that’s not all.


There are 100 additional educational programs of which employees can take advantage. The company offers advancement capabilities based upon the various levels of education an employee receives. These are positions of responsibility and it is up to the employee to decide what levels will work for them individually. There is roughly 50 percent of the workforce involved in these programs at any one time.


The proof speaks for itself, as the Tampa Bay Times has recognized Nationwide as a top 100 employer for several years in a row. They have reached this distinction 5 of the past six years, which is quite a distinction.


Nationwide prides itself on its excellent service to clients, which is what keeps a company like this on top of its field. As CEO John Hillman has stated repeatedly, the compliance end is one of the most important. It is vital, Hillman stated, that companies set a high threshold for doing the right things, and then be able to document that it is being done.

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