Orange Coast College – article recap

Only a few minutes from the beautiful beaches of Southern California, in Costa Mesa, stands the campus of Orange Coast College. The college, founded in 1947, has become one of the nation’s most highly esteemed community colleges, as well as one of the largest, enrolling in excess of twenty-five-thousand students per semester. Learn more:


Orange Coast College is the highest-ranking community college in Orange County when it comes to the number of students transferred to the California State University or University of California systems. Throughout the past decade, thousands of OCC students were transferred to CSU or UC campuses. In addition, a large number of the students who attend OCC move on to private universities and colleges across the nation.



The Facility

In mid-September of 2017, Orange Coast College opened up a brand new recycling facility. The facility cost the college roughly seven-point-five million US Dollars to construct, and it occupies a total of roughly five acres, making it significantly larger than the one-acre facility that preceded it.



The college has been running its recycling program for more than forty years, drawing in people from around the region. The facility accepts numerous materials, including, but not limited to plastic bottles, scrap metal, aluminum cans, and newspapers. The new facility was constructed over the course of sixteen months. It contains offices, a conference area, a first-aid room, showers, and classrooms, as well as more than five times the number of parking spaces as the previous facility. Learn more:


In an effort to obtain a number of energy-efficient certifications for the facility, the new administrative building which oversees the facility is powered via solar panel arrays, as well as using materials which are friendly to the environment, one example being solar tubes for lighting the interior of the building. The funding for this project was provided by a wide variety of different sources, one of the most prominent being Measure M, a Coast Community College District bond, which has been approved by voters. Another prominent provider of funding is CR&R Environmental Services. However, there are many other sources of funding, ranging from single donations to large organizations.