Bridget Scarr, What Really Fuels Her …

“Be grateful for everything you have and really appreciate those you love”- That’s more than just a mere quote by film executive, Bridget’s her mantra for life.


Bridget has worked for over 15 years in the field of advertising, television, and animation. After surviving the collapse of her first endeavor in the business world of media, this London based writer and television producer went on to try other ideas and successfully managed to use her creative genius to make profit. Bridget is currently working as the chief of the content development, strategies, and partnerships with Colibri Studios. There she utilizes her innovative techniques of virtual reality, augmented reality, and digital media, collaborating with others to put forth her striking ideas into motion. Most definitely, Bridget Scarr is no doubt a success as an innovator, businesswoman, and entrepreneur in the media business.


So, what really drives this talented thirty-something artist to do more…and reach for the stars? Well, let’s look at her style. Bridget doesn’t choose to conform, she seeks out new ideas and partners with others to achieve her goal to produce cutting edge advances in media. She is an individualist, from her Ray Ban eyewear to her ability to transform ideas into something marketable- Bridget has what it takes to be admired. And this young South African native is grounded too. Bridget never allows work to get in the way of spending time with her young son and partner at home. She regards her family as the most important part in her life. Every morning, Bridget has a light breakfast with the family before setting out to work..arriving back home in the afternoon for lunch. She enjoys taking walks with her son in the park and reading to find inspiration while relaxing in her spare time. Although, Bridget takes time to check her emails and connect with people..she delights in the fact that she isn’t addicted to her smartphone. She enjoys taking time-out of her busy schedule to meditate, which helps her re-energize herself for the next day. Meditation brings her peace and it’s something she believes wholeheartedly is one of the best methods to relax and de-stress. Relaxing alone helps Bridget to think more imaginative, which gives her a greater sense of creativity. And this pale-blonde ambitious visionary considers creativity to be her “savior”. Clinging to her values, Bridget finds that hard work brings a great satisfaction and that through it- she is making a difference.


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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews : Safer Ways of Handling Credits

Freedom Debt Relief operates under a group of companies called Freedom Financial Network which is headed by Andrew Housser who is the current Chairman and President of the companies. He has showed impeccable leadership skills based on the progress of the company so far. The company was launched in 2002, and Mr. Andrew was one of the co-architects. The company runs its major offices from San Mateo in California where it presents its clients with better approaches on how to become debt-free also provides advice on how to avoid taking financial steps that would always lead to bankruptcy.

Credit-monitoring bureaus offered by the company such as Equifax helps the American people to monitor their loans and keep track of their other credits. They also promote confidentiality because Equifax denies creditors access to their debtor’s bank accounts and statements. These help in safeguarding all the entrepreneurs within the United States of America. Equifax also enables its clients to counter check their statements on credit by checking with them annually or with the other two credit-monitoring bureaus, TransUnion and Experian.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews show that a customer not using the same password for too long can lead to a breach in insecurity. Additionally, it informs them that regular checking of account is also crucial because it helps them keep detect and track if any unusual transactions have made and they are advised to report such cases to their banks if they find any.

Checking their children’s social security numbers is also very important. They are therefore argued to educate these youngsters on matters on credit to grant them a heads up on what to expect once they become grownups.

Filing tax returns early is another more straightforward way of evicting issues with theft identity and all put together with the other measures, all their credits and transactions, therefore, gets maximum security.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is Guiding Bradesco Through One Of Its Most Prosperous Phases In Recent Decades

Bradesco is one of the giants of the Brazilian financial sector. The bank is the second largest private-owned banks in the country and owns the largest insurance company in Latin America, Bradesco Seguros. Currently, $400 billion-worth bank is run by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

The fourth president in the bank’s seven decade history, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is highly revered in the Brazilian financial sector. His opinion on country’s economy is highly sought after by business leaders, members of the press and political leaders. He has in one way or the other contributed to many of Brazil’s large financial projects. However, his legacy will most significantly be influenced by his time as the president to Bradesco.

To keep ahead of the ever-growing competition, Bradesco is always expanding. Growth has been a part of the bank’s culture since it was founded in 1943. It first showed its commitment to this objective by acquiring 17 banks in the ten-year period between 1970 and 1980. Since then, the bank has grown aggressively, with acquisitions being the main strategy employed. Under the tenure of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s predecessor, Marcio Cypriano the bank competent a plethora of high-profile takeovers, with the most recognizable being the Brazilian subsidiaries of American Express and BBVA.


However, instability in the global financial sector around the time Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over as president of the bank made acquisitions an impossible acquisition strategy. To grow continue growing the bank. Therefore, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to show his versatility as a business executive. To compound the problem, at around the same time a merger between Banco Itau and Unibanco, forming Banco Itau, relegated Bradesco to the second position among private banks in the country. To address both challenges, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to adopt an organic growth strategy. Consequently, the bank has over the last years an expansion of its existing branch network and interest rate reductions for its loan products. Additionally, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has taken advantage of viable acquisition opportunities when they have presented themselves. In 2010, Bradesco took over two C&A subsidiaries: Banco Ibi Brazilian and Ibi Mexican. In 2015, the bank also acquired HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion. The combined use of organic growth and smart acquisitions has enabled Bradesco to gain significant ground on its biggest competitor, Unibanco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s journey to the top of Bradesco has been quite fascinating. With no experience in the financial sector or a related academic background, Bradesco took a chance on him at the age of 18. Despite his glaring inexperience, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi leaned the ropes quickly. He got successive promotions, quickly rising up the ranks and in 2009, he was finally appointed the bank’s president. After four decades at the company, it was now to repay the confidence it placed in him all those years ago and based on his performance over the last seven years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is doing just that.

Like his predecessors, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi maintains a low profile and believes in treating every client with respect and humility. He dresses in a discrete manner and prefers listening to talking. He complements his exemplary soft skills with a strong work ethic. He still works for 12 hours a day despite holding a position in top leadership. His commitment and loyalty to Bradesco cannot only be matched by a few, especially given the fact that he turned down the opportunity to become the Brazilian Finance Minister to remain with Bradesco.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Hoping to Finally Put Amazon in the Rear View Mirror

It seems like forever since anyone has been able to give Amazon a real run for their money. In the last decade, Amazon has become the dominant force in the online apparel niche, crushing the competition and raking in 20 percent of all the online apparel sales. That may all be changing soon as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been gaining on the retail giant and making waves of their own. In the last three years, despite thousands in this market, Fabletics has sold $250 million in women’s yoga pants, active-wear, tank tops, and leggings.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making Amazon nervous because they are doing things Amazon can not. Hudson says that the two keys to the ultimate success of her athleisure brand are reverse showrooming and a rewarding membership package. In order to really understand how these two work in tandem, you need to head over to the local mall and walk inside one of the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics retail shops. Here you see women taking the Lifestyle Quiz, window-shopping, trying on anything they can get their hands on, and many times leaving the shop without making a purchase.


Leaving the store empty-handed? That is just fine with Hudson, and perhaps the key to the real success of the brand.


Perhaps the reason the company is seeing sales in record numbers has to do what happens after these women leave the stores and return online at their convenience. Since they had been trying on everything in the store from yoga pants to leggings, all those selections were moved to their online cart automatically. Now they can relax and continue shopping exactly where they had stopped inside the mall shops. They tend to not only grab what they were trying on, they stuff the cart with impulse buys which only help increase the sales and bottom-line of Fabletics.


These two sales components are a welcome change from the buying experience at Amazon where women buy a piece and hope it fits, then return it and wait weeks until they finally get the right size. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers are not only enjoying the convenience of shopping when they have time, they are also rewarded with free shipping, help from their own personal shopping assistant, discounts on all the workout apparel, and a no questions asked return policy. This is how shopping for women’s active-wear should be, and the sales numbers are an indication of that.

Jos Auriemo Neto Proves Himself and Excels in his Career

Businessman José Auriemo Neto is known for his positions in the leadership of the family operated business JHSF. The company is a developer of real estate commercial property, and José Auriemo Neto is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the establishment.

Before José Auriemo Neto assumed leadership of the JHSF business, he served under Fabio Auremo who is his father as well as the president of the enterprise. José Auriemo Neto discovered an area around one of the large hallways in the Brazilan city of Sao Paulo. His mind was flooded with visions of the possibilities the area held. José Auriemo Neto imagined a luxurious complex complete with entertainment towers, a shopping center, as well as a couple of living quarters with high luxury apartments. The area held a lot of promise, and José Auriemo Neto believed it would be one of the most beneficial property development projects for the family business of JHSF.

José Auriemo Neto hurried to his father’s office to pitch his visions to him. In spite of his enthusiasm, Fabio Auriemo met him with skepticism. It did not last long however as José Auriemo Neto took his father to the area and painted the picture for him. Fabi Auriemo decided to take a chance and allow José Auriemo Neto to prove his keen eye for opportunity. Fabio Auriemo decided to place him in charge of the whole project from start to finish. This was the turning point for the career of José Auriemo Neto.

Over the course of the property development project, José Auriemo Neto proved himself time and again so much so that the president of the company promoted him to the position of chief executive officer of the large firm. The high luxury complex was a great achievement for José Auriemo Neto. It brought his career higher.

After the project was completed, the complex became very popular. José Auriemo Neto was also recognized for his accomplishment. Multiple publications started called him The king of luxury and his name became the emblem for the business of the commercial property developer of JHSF.

Logan Stout Is Affecting The World In A Positive Way

Logan Stout is an author who has put out books that are meant to better the lives of others. He is a leader who is looking to help those individuals who are in need of someone to guide them. This man is the founder CEO of IDLife, a company that is meant to help people live healthy lives. Logan Stout is someone who is working to improve the lives of others, and he knows what he needs to be doing to bring about the positive change that he wants to bring about. He intends to make the world a little better, and he knows how to do that.

Logan Stout is focused on the physical health of individuals when it comes to the work that he does with IDLife. The company that he leads is one that focuses on products that not only support the body by giving it the nutrients that it needs, but that are also organic and safe for use. The company that Logan Stout leads is one that is working hard to provide people with the nutrients that they need for daily life, as well as all that they need to lose weight, to get their body into the condition that it should be in, and to help it last.

There are many authors and speakers out there who would like to help others and encourage their leadership skills. Many people will step up and help others become all that they should be. Logan Stout is one of those individuals with a heart for others, and he has partnered with additional people who would like to lead others in the way that he would like to and does. This man has worked with leaders like himself to offer the guidance that he is meant to offer.

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Orange Coast College – article recap

Only a few minutes from the beautiful beaches of Southern California, in Costa Mesa, stands the campus of Orange Coast College. The college, founded in 1947, has become one of the nation’s most highly esteemed community colleges, as well as one of the largest, enrolling in excess of twenty-five-thousand students per semester. Learn more:


Orange Coast College is the highest-ranking community college in Orange County when it comes to the number of students transferred to the California State University or University of California systems. Throughout the past decade, thousands of OCC students were transferred to CSU or UC campuses. In addition, a large number of the students who attend OCC move on to private universities and colleges across the nation.



The Facility

In mid-September of 2017, Orange Coast College opened up a brand new recycling facility. The facility cost the college roughly seven-point-five million US Dollars to construct, and it occupies a total of roughly five acres, making it significantly larger than the one-acre facility that preceded it.



The college has been running its recycling program for more than forty years, drawing in people from around the region. The facility accepts numerous materials, including, but not limited to plastic bottles, scrap metal, aluminum cans, and newspapers. The new facility was constructed over the course of sixteen months. It contains offices, a conference area, a first-aid room, showers, and classrooms, as well as more than five times the number of parking spaces as the previous facility. Learn more:


In an effort to obtain a number of energy-efficient certifications for the facility, the new administrative building which oversees the facility is powered via solar panel arrays, as well as using materials which are friendly to the environment, one example being solar tubes for lighting the interior of the building. The funding for this project was provided by a wide variety of different sources, one of the most prominent being Measure M, a Coast Community College District bond, which has been approved by voters. Another prominent provider of funding is CR&R Environmental Services. However, there are many other sources of funding, ranging from single donations to large organizations.


Adam Milstein Continues to Spearhead Pro-Israel Advocacy in the US and the Rest of the World

For some people, Adam Milstein is a prominent real estate investor, as he served Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. The company boasts of an excellent portfolio of over $2 billion. On the other hand, his philanthropic endeavors, particularly those targeting the Jewish community, have drawn considerable attention to his name. Adam Milstein‘s involvement in the philanthropic world is mainly spearheaded by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation mentors and supports students all over the globe through reinforcing their connection to Israel and getting in touch with their Jewish roots.

For this reason, hundreds of students have garnered invaluable educational experiences that are not to be forgotten anytime soon. Adam Milstein’s name was recently included in the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200 list as a recognition of his commitment to both philanthropy and community service.Adam Milstein is also a frequent contributor and writer to several popular publications. He uses his pieces to further boost his advocacy for Jewish people across the global divide. Moreover, Adam speaks frequently regarding the necessity of the Jewish people learning to read and write in Hebrew to help them attain an extensive connection with their culture and religion.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a renowned Israeli-American activist and philanthropist. He relocated to the US with his family after attaining a degree from the Technion in Israel and completing his mandatory service in the Israel Defense Force (IDF). In the United States, Adam joined the University of Southern Carolina to further his education by pursuing an MBA. Upon graduating in 1983, he began working as a sales agent for Hager Pacific Properties, a commercial real estate firm.The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation was born out of the desire to empower Israeli citizens in the US to comprehend their identity as well as deal with issues affecting Israeli-American and Jewish Communities. The organization supports numerous organizations including pro-Israel groups on various campuses that operate fellowship programs geared towards helping students learn, network, and reinforce their enthusiasm for pro-Israel advocacy. Additionally, Milstein sits on the boards of some nonprofit organizations in the US like the AIPAC National Council, the Jewish Founders Network, and Hasbara Fellowships among others.

Will Whitney Wolfe Regret Declining $450 Million for Her Startup?

The tech world is predominately occupied by men, leaving women to offer small supporting roles. That is no longer the case, brilliant women like Whitney Wolfe are changing the narrative quickly. Renowned to many as the co-founder and former VP of marketing at Tinder, Whitney is the talk of the town in the tech world and for all the right reasons. She declined $450 million from Match Group offered in exchange for her startup, Bumble. Bumbles brands itself as a forward-looking company providing a place for its users to date, meet new friends, and accomplish professional tasks.

Bumble came to being in 2014, Whitney credits Andrey Andreev for his support in bringing her idea to life. Andreev is also the majority shareholder at Bumble. Before the founding of Bumble, Whitney quit Tinder—the largest online dating company. Her decision to quit is tied to sexual abuse and discrimination from her co-founders, claims which Tinder vehemently refuted. However, Tinder offered to grant her a $1 million out of court settlement.

What makes Bumble tick? The right answer is Whitney’s innovative approach to business. Bumble, unlike its competitors, is women-centric. According to Whitney, her ultimate goal was to develop a product that would offer protection to women using online dating services. Women all over the world who have used Bumble commend it for the low incidences of abuse. Bumble is rapidly evolving with the introduction of new services. Bumble BFF is a new service available to users who are willing to grow their list of friends. Bumble Bizz, to be launched late this year, will provide professional services to users who are seeking professional opportunities. Whitney plans on renaming the Bumble dating App to Bumble Honey.

The growth trajectory of Bumble has been pleasant to industry experts. Perhaps, this could be the reason Match Group came knocking. In just four years, Bumble gained 20 million new users—the number keeps increasing each day. 10% of the users are subscribed to Bumble’s premium services at $9.99 charged monthly. Bumble is showing signs of crossing $150 million in revenues next year.
All Bumble’s achievements point at Whitney, the Southern Methodist University graduate is a role model to women who hope to venture into tech in future. Whitney’s parents are divorced, but they both have played significant roles in her life.

OSI Group President, David McDonald’s take on the Acquisition of Baho Foods

Strategic acquisition is one of the most significant means of growth that a business can adopt. It is less expensive, less risky, and a faster proposition than the conventional methods of growth that were realized through extended marketing and sales efforts. Besides, acquisition offers a plethora of other benefits including instant business savings prompted by economies of scale and easier financing for other future business undertakings.

OSI Group is one of the companies that has recently leveraged on the benefits that come with strategic acquisition. The premier global food giant recently acquired Baho Food, a leading Dutch manufacturer of snacks, convenience foods, and deli meat.

David G. McDonald, the chief operating and the president of OSI group, believes that this acquisition will give the company a broader presence in Europe. According to McDonald, Baho’s good portfolio of products and brands is a perfect complement to OSI current food manufacturing and processing strengths, and will go a long way in broadening the capabilities of OSI to best serve the growing needs of their clients.

Baho Foods has five subsidiaries with established processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. These include Vita Convenience, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, and Henri van de Bilt.

David McDonald plans to keep John Balvers, the Managing director of Baho Food and his team of managers, a move that will significantly help him coin a working growth strategy for the newly merged companies. Mr. Blavers was also excited about the deal stating that the OSI Group has had a remarkable relationship with its clients and suppliers, and being part of the company, Baho will have a great platform to leverage on the its (OSI Group’s) capabilities and industry experience.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is the current president of OSI Group. He has worked for the company for over 30 years and has helped it achieve marvelous growth. He has also served as the Marfrig Global Foods S.A’s independent director since 2008. David G. McDonald is an alumnus of Iowa State University where he studied Animal Science (from 1983 to 1987).