Greg Secker: Creator of The Virtual Trading Desk

Greg Secker is an English businessman who’s made his mark as an entrepreneur and trader. Being a serial entrepreneur, Secker has founded several companies over his storied career. Secker like many had to work his way to the top. He faced many obstacles and setbacks but never gave up. He got his start in the business with Thomas Cook Financial Services. It was here that he realized he had a natural affinity for foreign exchange and created the Virtual Trading Desk. The platform was groundbreaking and the first of its kind. It offered an online Forex trading system that acts in real-time, which at the time was unheard of.

When word got out about his new invention major players in the foreign exchange market from all over took notice of Secker. Mellon Financial Corporation really took a liking to Secker and offered him their Vice President position. With Mellon Secker was able to make important connections with experienced traders and increase his knowledge of trading. Once he felt he had learned enough he established Learn to Trade. The company has come a long way from its humble roots. It is now a global leader in trading education. He founded Learn to Trade with the goal of getting more people into trading. He realized people were very skeptical of the industry because they had no type of formal learning on the subject. That’s where Learn to Trade comes in. It provides people the knowledge they need to know to limit beginner mistakes.

Greg Secker has received much praise and accolades for his accomplishments and contributions to the industry and is very proud of himself. With that being said he is most prideful when he’s being a great father. He considers being a father the most important thing in his life without question.


Kate Hudson Makes Fabletics The Best Choice Out There For Workout Gear

2013 Turned out to be a promising year for actress Kate Hudson. A design company approached her with the idea of creating a line of workout gear which would help to make women feel better about themselves and to help empower women overall. Since this time, the team of people who are working for the workout gear Fabletics, has helped to make the business into a $250 million dollar business. For someone who actually wasn’t business savvy, this isn’t bad for Kate Hudson.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had the brilliant idea of coming up with a brand of athletic wear that was more than just workout gear. They wanted to create a type of gear that looked good, felt good and was endorsed by someone who believed in the brand. That is why Kate Hudson was the person to go to. She is an active person who is fit and someone that people could relate to when working out. When she was approached about doing the athletic wear, she knew she wanted to be more involved than just someone pushing for people to use it. She wanted to be involved in the whole process and remains pretty involved in the success of the company.


The company collects data from users by customers participating in the LifeStyle Quiz. This quiz helps to select outfits that fit best to the personality of the person using them. The choices that the person makes are recorded and when the quiz is over, a specific type and style is displayed for the user. The person shopping feels like a personal shopper has done all the work for them instead of them having to actually sort through the various styles and patterns for workout gear that Fabletics holds.


Kate is a big reason as to why this brand has become so successful. She is someone that people can relate to which is very important for a brand but is also someone that is athletically fit. When people are shopping for the gear, they can relate to her because she is so fit and wears the same gear that the shopper will be wearing. When she leaves home to go to the gym, she goes to the gym wearing Fabletics. She is seen wearing various styles of Fabletics and this also encourages more people to try them. There are not many celebrities out there who will put their name on something and stand behind it. In many of the cases, people who are pushing for something to be purchased, will not use the same products they are pushing. For Kate, she knew she had to be different and proves that each time you see her out wearing the same things that she is endorsing.

Get The Players You Need With the Fantasy Football Rankings

Your hands start to sweat as you contemplate who you will select as your Wide Receiver for this year’s fantasy draft. You have considered Martavis Bryant of the Pittsburg Steelers, but you know he has missed several games due to suspension in the last few seasons. When he’s played his numbers have been good enough to be a WR1 although on the lower end of the spectrum. A gamble for sure, but maybe a gamble that will pay off.

After much consideration you turn to the Fantasy Football Rankings to see who else is available. The Fantasy Football Rankings are your best friend when its draft day. You notice that your buddy Fred is not using the Fantasy Football Rankings, and are sure that’s putting him at a disadvantage for the season. So don’t be like Fred, make sure you check out the Fantasy Football Rankings and get the best possible players for your team this year.


Karl Heideck – Philadelphia Based Attorney With Expertise In Compliance And Litigation

Karl Heideck – Philadelphia Based Attorney

Karl Heideck – Philadelphia Based Attorney

Karl Heideck is well-known and reputed attorney in Philadelphia and has worked in the past with successful attorney Conrad O’Brien. He has also worked with the firm named Pepper Hamilton.

Karl Heideck says that to become a successful lawyer one has to have a strategy from the very beginning, and must be aware of the requirements of the state bar association of the state where the students will practice in the future. It would ensure that he or she is prepared academically to take on the examination that is needed to pass to get the membership approved in the concerned state.

Moreover, Karl Heideck says that the students need to ensure that they make good connections with the fellow students and practicing lawyers from the very beginning. He says that such relationships can help in ways more than one in the long-term, especially when practicing for real as a professional attorney. Karl Heideck says that many of the complicated matters become much easier with the help of the connections at the right places. He says that one of the important factors that contribute to the success of the lawyers is to have good grades in the exams while studying law as it matters a lot when fielding for an internship or looking to become an associate at a reputed law firm.

The better firm you join as an associate, more it would help in pacing up your career. It is a kind of status symbol in the field of law, and each and every lawyer must study seriously in order to do well in their later life as a legal professional. It also makes it much easier to join a reputed law firm later on. Karl Heideck studied literature from the Swarthmore College and continued to studying Juris Doctor from the Temple University – James Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck’s expertise lies in the matter of compliance, mergers and acquisition, and risk management. Heideck has worked closely with many small to large scale companies and has provided them reliable legal counsel on how to work as per the federal guidelines and how to avoid any legal hassles by ensuring compliance.

For more information about Karl Heideck, just click here.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center – A Paradise for Brazilian Shoppers

Roberto Santiago is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Brazil who was successful in highlighting the creativity and ideal business acumen of Brazilians internationally. Roberto Santiago is renowned for his amazing achievement in creating, owning and managing the Manaira Shopping Center in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Center is globally recognized for being one of the largest shopping centers in Brazil.

The Brazilian with a Business Acumen – Roberto Santiago

Apart from being a top class businessman, Roberto Santiago runs a blog about Brazil. The blog is essentially about some of the traditions and behaviors that are widely accepted and preferred in Brazil, his home country. The audience is the blog mainly travelers or tourists thinking of or are already enjoying a trip to Brazil on Some of the tips on his blog include introducing oneself in Brazil through business cards are preferably written in translated Brazilian Portuguese language. Roberto Santiago also advises that meeting, seminars or get-togethers must be arranged at least before two weeks of the set time. He mentioned that Brazil is a haven for extroverts and being an introvert might be considered as being impolite. Santiago’s interests like the majority of Brazilians lie in vibrant and delicious foods, football, family, and artistry. Some unfavorable topics for Brazilians, as he professes, are political and cultural criticisms.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center in Brazil

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center is located in Joao Pessoa of Brazil. It is designed lavishly with countless shops on and spacious areas within the facility. Santiago believes that a shopping center like this will cater to large populations of Brazil that reside near the location or reside in surrounding neighborhoods. Rather than calling it as a strong competitor against other Brazilian shops in a professional sense, he announced it as an equal distributor of consumers. He still mentioned that he expects 1.5 million shoppers to benefit from this business.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center in Brazil is the Best for Small Retailers

Robert Santiago explains that investing into occupying a retailer position inside Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping can have some highly considerable advantages for small retailers on He stated that a small priced position in a commercial area could prove to be wasteful of time, energy and money. This is because it is difficult to attract consumers in a competitive and chaotic environment where most customers are drawn more towards low prices rather that the attributes of the products. This shopping center is a bustling area that can clearly exhibit products for intended customers.

Makari Epitomizes Beautiful

Have you ever heard of skincare brand Makari de Suisse? If you haven’t then you must’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years because this brand has taking the skincare industry by storm. Makari, which means “beautiful,” specializes in skin brightening products for people of color. This product line has an eclectic feel about itself thanks to it’s revolutionary actions. Do you or someone you know suffer from embarrassing stretch marks, acne scars, hyper pigmentation, dark circles, age spots, or other skin issues? This is how Makari can help you below:

  • Effectively Decrease Dark Spots and Age Spots
  • Regenerates Cells
  • Efficiently Cleans The Skin
  • Smooths Away Blotches and Scars
  • Brightens The Skin

Unlike other brands whom use dangerous chemical additives, Makari starts with organic source of carrot oil, argan oil, and caviar. These are proven ingredients that have a great reputation for skin hydration and nourishment.

Makari de Suisse comes in many forms such as gel, lotion, soaps, serum, toners, and creams. Skin brightening is no longer a fantasy and makes it all possible.

Kevin Seawright Balancing Business and Community

Kevin Seawright is an alumnus of the Amelda University having graduated with his masters in the accounting option. He is also a recipient of the certificate in Executive Leadership in the Notre Dame School of business. Besides his academic qualifications, he has shown an intelligent balance between business and community affairs.

He was recognized by the Notre Dame Executive Leadership program for his generous contribution to the community. He was lauded for strategizing and creating ways in which companies achieved their goals while at the same time, the individuals in the community got recognized and their lives improved. He has accomplished a feat as being the leader who has time out of his busy schedule to acts as a coach to the youth.

In 2011, Seawright started his journey in the business world as a career financial analyst and human resource expert. His first stint was working for Tito General Contractors firm as the Vice President of Operations.

He moved on in 2013 to join Maryland as the Executive Director of operations. In 2014, he accepted an offer to work with the Newark Economic Development Cooperation as the Chief Financial Officer. He has held the position to date.

His style of leadership in business is exemplary. Kevin Seawright introduced critical changes that ensured a better working environment in Human Capital divisions. The staff retentions increased, and the worker turnover significantly reduced due to issues like compensations. There was an improvement of recruitment efforts which saw a better match in skill and talent to the job description. The effects got boosted by standardization, improved company performance, and increased service delivery.

According to KTBS, Kevin seawright’s philanthropy is apparent in the unique ways he does his job. He is keen on making lives better for the individuals within the communities that he works in. His business acumen, efficiency, and team playing roles make him an outstanding manager.

His alignment to technological changes makes it easy for him to grow a business that goes in tandem with the changing times. It places him in a better bargaining power and propels him in whatever task he undertakes.

Seawright has bagged many awards for his outstanding financial acumen and responsiveness during his tenure while serving municipalities. Due to his ability to demonstrate progression through statistics and accountability standards, he received the Met life recipient of the bridges of the future award in 2010.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Is a Hallmark in the Lending Industry.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has been supplying the retail mortgage banking and lending industry original documents for processing since 1991. Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, the firm is recognized as one of the premier and most reliable companies in its field.


If you have ever received a mortgage loan, you are aware of the importance of your lender having access to original documents such as liens, deeds, property records and the like. Since Nationwide has access to every county in the United States, they always have access to the original copies of the documents. In the rare instance where a copy has been damaged of lost, there are alternative means of acquiring proof of a document’s existence.


Nationwide is a full processor with the ability to do it all. They handle lien releases, and they are the largest in the nation in this department. They also research assignments, final document processing, retrieval of documents, and abstract services on a nationwide basis.


The reporting capabilities are among the best that exists. They handle assignment verification reporting, which can be sent in a specific manner. They have a report on who the current owner is, lien verification reports, and a tax status report.


The detail, timeliness, and depth of the reporting is a key to the success of Nationwide and this is reflected in the expertise of the employees who deal with customers on the phone. Once a person is employed, they undergo a very intensive and complete training program. But, that’s not all.


There are 100 additional educational programs of which employees can take advantage. The company offers advancement capabilities based upon the various levels of education an employee receives. These are positions of responsibility and it is up to the employee to decide what levels will work for them individually. There is roughly 50 percent of the workforce involved in these programs at any one time.


The proof speaks for itself, as the Tampa Bay Times has recognized Nationwide as a top 100 employer for several years in a row. They have reached this distinction 5 of the past six years, which is quite a distinction.


Nationwide prides itself on its excellent service to clients, which is what keeps a company like this on top of its field. As CEO John Hillman has stated repeatedly, the compliance end is one of the most important. It is vital, Hillman stated, that companies set a high threshold for doing the right things, and then be able to document that it is being done.

Nationwide Title Clearing Opens Dallas Office

InnovaCare: An Innovative Influence On Health Insurance

One thing that could be said for InnovaCare is that it is one of the biggest influences on health insurance. It helps people find the right Medicare insurance plan for them so that they can have access to the best care possible for them. While the company has done a lot of good for its patients, it is the leadership that has the most influence on how well the business does. For one thing, the people that work under the leaders are only going to be able to do so much if the leaders are not willing to change the ways they do business.

One leader is Penelope Kokkinides. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. She has shown herself to be a really reliable and trustworthy individual when it comes to the company. She has worked really hard and exceeded expectations On She is also someone who is really resilient. For one thing, she has managed to handle the changes that come with every different day. As a matter of fact, she herself has stated that no two days are the same for her. She is always traveling to different areas to bring forth her ideas. One thing that Penelope is very excited about is that everyone is becoming connected through technology on

Another leader that is worth mentioning is Richard Shinto. He is currently the CEO and President of InnovaCare. He has worked with Aveta before landing his current position with InnovaCare. Aside from working in InnovaCare, he has published a few articles on healthcare on He has an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands among other degrees. He is also someone that contributes to the success of the company.

One of the most important aspects of the success of InnovaCare is that the professional health care experts are willing to develop relationships with the patients so that they can serve them better. InnovaCare is one insurance provider that people need to check out if they are interested in getting some kind of insurance plan. For those that are looking for an insurance provider that offers a lot of different services at an affordable price, InnovaCare can help with this.


Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Releases a New Podcast Featuring Exciting Topics and Hilarious Hosts

A new podcast titled, Beyond the Darkness, was recently released by Norman Pattiz. Pattiz founded PodcastOne, and he currently seats at the podcast network’s board as the chairperson. PodcastOne, on the other hand, is the biggest podcast network that supports advertising in the US. It comprises of exciting and entertaining interviews with prominent researchers. Listeners can log on to every Monday when new podcasts are released. The podcast will also feature topics covering issues such as aliens, ghosts, and mysteries that people fear to discuss. Tech enthusiasts can use the PodcastOne app to stream new releases or buy them from iTunes. Pattiz said that the podcast would be hosted by Tim Dennis, who is a radio producer and Dave Schrader, who is an author and a radio host.


Norman Pattiz praised Chris Jericho for his contributions to the PodcastOne network. Chris runs The Jericho Network that is a subsidiary of PodcastOne. He also pointed out that The Jericho Network collection was launched for wrestling lovers. Pattiz said that Chris Jericho has enabled the collection to reach many listeners by featuring comedians. He anticipates the same with Beyond the Darkness podcast.


Chris Jericho was humbled by Pattiz’s comments about him. He said that PodcastOne’s move to release Beyond the Darkness under The Jericho Network is brilliant. Jericho also praised Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader for their excellence in broadcasting media. He believes that these hosts will enable the new podcast to have a large audience and, hence, improve the ratings of The Jericho Network.


Pattiz’s Work Background


Norman Pattiz has been instrumental in developing PodcastOne as the leading podcast network in the US. He joined the network’s board in mid-2016 as the chairperson and CEO. Besides PodcastOne, Pattiz has served as an executive for several broadcasting corporations. Westwood One sought his expertise as a consultant before promoting him to the CEO position. Pattiz also gained national recognition when both Presidents Clinton and Bush appointed him to head the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).


Pattiz worked for InterPacket Networks as the Director. The California University Governing Board names him as a member. He is a recipient of multiple civic and professional awards. Pattiz scooped the Freedom of Speech Award and the Distinguished Education Service Award. He was also listed in the National Radio Hall of Fame list in 2009 for his relevance in the radio industry.