Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center – A Paradise for Brazilian Shoppers

Roberto Santiago is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Brazil who was successful in highlighting the creativity and ideal business acumen of Brazilians internationally. Roberto Santiago is renowned for his amazing achievement in creating, owning and managing the Manaira Shopping Center in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Center is globally recognized for being one of the largest shopping centers in Brazil.

The Brazilian with a Business Acumen – Roberto Santiago

Apart from being a top class businessman, Roberto Santiago runs a blog about Brazil. The blog is essentially about some of the traditions and behaviors that are widely accepted and preferred in Brazil, his home country. The audience is the blog mainly travelers or tourists thinking of or are already enjoying a trip to Brazil on Some of the tips on his blog include introducing oneself in Brazil through business cards are preferably written in translated Brazilian Portuguese language. Roberto Santiago also advises that meeting, seminars or get-togethers must be arranged at least before two weeks of the set time. He mentioned that Brazil is a haven for extroverts and being an introvert might be considered as being impolite. Santiago’s interests like the majority of Brazilians lie in vibrant and delicious foods, football, family, and artistry. Some unfavorable topics for Brazilians, as he professes, are political and cultural criticisms.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center in Brazil

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center is located in Joao Pessoa of Brazil. It is designed lavishly with countless shops on and spacious areas within the facility. Santiago believes that a shopping center like this will cater to large populations of Brazil that reside near the location or reside in surrounding neighborhoods. Rather than calling it as a strong competitor against other Brazilian shops in a professional sense, he announced it as an equal distributor of consumers. He still mentioned that he expects 1.5 million shoppers to benefit from this business.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center in Brazil is the Best for Small Retailers

Robert Santiago explains that investing into occupying a retailer position inside Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping can have some highly considerable advantages for small retailers on He stated that a small priced position in a commercial area could prove to be wasteful of time, energy and money. This is because it is difficult to attract consumers in a competitive and chaotic environment where most customers are drawn more towards low prices rather that the attributes of the products. This shopping center is a bustling area that can clearly exhibit products for intended customers.