The Kabbalah Center Is On The Hunt For Volunteers

The Kaballah International Center is a Los Angeles-based non profit organization that offers Kaballistic teachings and study groups. Developed by the leader Philip Berg and his wife Karen, the multi-racial and ethnic center trains and mentors a worldwide community. Teachers come from all walks of life to offer the principles of Kaballah.

The Kaballah International Centre provides a safe way for individuals who want to find personal fulfillment and the framework of sharing and giving. The current location was opened in 1965. It has a number of locations all around the world. Individuals who are not familiar with the teachings about Hebrew and Jewish issues. The center relies heavily upon the concepts of astrology, which is a center point of Judaism.

The center has a volunteer program that welcomes students and people of all walks of life to help them spread the word. The center volunteers also provide a number of important services to the community to help those who are in need. Whether its giving out clothing, feeding the hungry or ministering to others, Kaballah Centre volunteers are always there to help.

The subtitling team is always looking for individuals who are fluent in other languages to join their team of helpers. They need individuals to transcribe documentation, letters and correspondence for people in other countries. This is considered a very important role within the Kabbalah Centre.

The center asks individuals looking for a purpose to join its organization. Kaballah Centre has locations both at home and abroad. Individuals can share their experiences with others from different geographical areas, religions and ages. A number of people feel that the mission changed their life.

Interested Individuals should call the Los Angeles office and speak to Karen Berg about new opportunities.

Today, the centre is run by Karen Berg and her sons Yehunda and Michael.