What Eric Pulier has Accomplished for Himself and Others

Eric Pulier is a knowledgeable and successful American man that is the founder of 15 profitable companies. With his Entrepreneur and technologist experience, he has brought his companies to new heights including his restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Pulier’s experience as a columnist, published author, and public speaker has helped him raise millions of dollars to fund or co-fund his adventurous ideas.

Furthermore, Mr. Pulier doesn’t just provide funds, as a co-founder, he makes sure he is actively working within the media and industry. Therefore, this has brought a substantial amount of profit for any of his entrepreneur investments. A few places that Pulier has either funded, founded, or co-founded are:

Digital Evolution
US Interactive
Media Platform
Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council which merged into TM Forum.

Eric Pulier is not just active in his businesses; his family also gets the thrill of his interaction. Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic father who interacts with his four children that currently reside in Los Angeles, CA with him. On top of everything else, his love for kids has placed him on the board of The Painted Turtle that is known as a camp for children that have very little relief of their chronic illnesses.

Additionally, he continued that love by donating capital towards the Starlight Foundation. Giving them the opportunity to form a new interaction program for kids in the midst of a chronic illness. Pulier had designed and built the special Starbright World for these less fortunate kids with a persistent chronic illness. Unbelievable but true the Starbright World then linked to 75 hospitals across the world giving their expertise to all the children in need of their love and passion.

In 1984, he finished up his schooling at Teaneck High school then went straight to Harvard University. There Pulier attended four years of college; classes he majored in were English & American Literature, Visual & Environmental Studies, and Computer Science. He graduated in 1988 with BA degree. Eric Pulier has proven himself over and over again with his knowledge, expertise, and his devotion to others.

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