Where Safety Matters, Securus Delivers

Securus Technologies has gained the trust of many as a leading supplier of tech products and services. The target market must be involved in aspects of; public safety, corrections, monitoring and public safety. A sample of comments was received from prison and jail officials across the US. These included emails and formal letters from these officials authorized crime prevention to create a safer detention environment.


According to the company’s CEO, A. Smith, they develop a new service or product on a weekly basis. The products are aimed at facilitating law enforcement and correction officials in solving and preventing crimes. He continues by saying that safety is their core business and it’s an honor for them to serve and protect. Moreover, they have received thousands of emails and letters concerning their efforts in keeping the society safer.


These comments were selected and identities omitted. One of the customers could use tapped cell conversations to obtain a search warrant with the help of Securus. This led to the arrest of the corrupt staff member for introduction of contraband. A civilian admitted to drug peddling after monitoring calls with an inmate. Another customer termed Securus as their vendor of choice that they relied upon. Its commitment has helped them to improve public safety and revolutionize the incarceration environment.


Other comments praising the company described how reporting data aided proactive measures to deter incidences of contraband. Investigative tools helped in conducting investigations whenever a potential threat like a complaint of harassment was reported. By listening to an inmate to inmate conversing over the phone, another conversation with an older sibling telling the younger one what to say during questioning. Such information would be vital in solving the case. The Location Based Services (LBS) software was reported to assist in the recovery of millions in drugs, illegal assets and money according to the sheriff’s department.


Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 agencies of law enforcement, public safety, and corrections. They provide products such as; information management, incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis and much more that make the world safer.