Will Whitney Wolfe Regret Declining $450 Million for Her Startup?

The tech world is predominately occupied by men, leaving women to offer small supporting roles. That is no longer the case, brilliant women like Whitney Wolfe are changing the narrative quickly. Renowned to many as the co-founder and former VP of marketing at Tinder, Whitney is the talk of the town in the tech world and for all the right reasons. She declined $450 million from Match Group offered in exchange for her startup, Bumble. Bumbles brands itself as a forward-looking company providing a place for its users to date, meet new friends, and accomplish professional tasks.

Bumble came to being in 2014, Whitney credits Andrey Andreev for his support in bringing her idea to life. Andreev is also the majority shareholder at Bumble. Before the founding of Bumble, Whitney quit Tinder—the largest online dating company. Her decision to quit is tied to sexual abuse and discrimination from her co-founders, claims which Tinder vehemently refuted. However, Tinder offered to grant her a $1 million out of court settlement.

What makes Bumble tick? The right answer is Whitney’s innovative approach to business. Bumble, unlike its competitors, is women-centric. According to Whitney, her ultimate goal was to develop a product that would offer protection to women using online dating services. Women all over the world who have used Bumble commend it for the low incidences of abuse. Bumble is rapidly evolving with the introduction of new services. Bumble BFF is a new service available to users who are willing to grow their list of friends. Bumble Bizz, to be launched late this year, will provide professional services to users who are seeking professional opportunities. Whitney plans on renaming the Bumble dating App to Bumble Honey.

The growth trajectory of Bumble has been pleasant to industry experts. Perhaps, this could be the reason Match Group came knocking. In just four years, Bumble gained 20 million new users—the number keeps increasing each day. 10% of the users are subscribed to Bumble’s premium services at $9.99 charged monthly. Bumble is showing signs of crossing $150 million in revenues next year.
All Bumble’s achievements point at Whitney, the Southern Methodist University graduate is a role model to women who hope to venture into tech in future. Whitney’s parents are divorced, but they both have played significant roles in her life.